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Regex in Search Console Made Easy

Try it yourself. Get the Better Regex in Search Console Chrome extension now. It's free!

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a screenshot of the extension in action, displaying a modal with regex presets
About The Extension

The Ultimate Time Saver For SEO Professionals

Power Up Your Query and URL analysis in Search Console

Better Regex in Search Console is the ultimate time saver for SEO professionals. This simple yet powerful Chrome extension comes with out-of-the-box useful regex presets, and even lets create and save your own for later use.



Built-in Regex Presets

save time and copy-pasting with the built-in presets specially crafted for SEO professionals.

Save Your Own Presets

The built-in presets not good enough for you? no problem! add and save your own presets for repeat use.

Seamless Integration with GSC

Better Regex in Search Console seamlessly integrates with the Search Console UI while providing enhanced Regex functionality.

About Me

Created By An SEO, For SEOs

Nati Elimelech

As Wix's Head of SEO, Nati Elimelech spends most of his time creating tools and products used by millions of users world-wide, so it's only natural he'd spend his free time doing that as well. 

Nati Elimelech, the creator of the extension. He is very handsome.
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